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About Me

A strategic marketer by training, she has over 25 years marketing experience, and has worked on many major brands including Ariel, Pampers, ENMAX and TD. She was a cofounder of an oil and gas service company that had a successful exit to Schlumberger. Her startup and marketing experience helps her support companies raising capital in North America and Europe.
Victoria loves the democratization of capital that comes with crowdfunding, allowing businesses access to capital, and allowing the population access to invest in private companies. She ran her first successful crowdfund campaign over nine years ago, a long time in crowdfunding years. As an Ambassador for the National Crowdfunding and Fintech Association, she has sought to raise awareness of crowdfunding. She is regularly called upon to speak on crowdfunding, most notably at the Global Crowdfunding Conference on women in crowdfunding. Working with the Impact Hub in Calgary, she launched The Crowdfunding Hub in 2019 to provide education and self service tools for all types of crowdfunding, from donations and rewards to equity.

Why You Should Join Me

Our team has coached and ran over 50 campaigns raising over $7,500,000. We have a clear process for planning and running campaigns which we constantly refine and optimise. We're sharing our best practices that we have developed over 9 years working on different crowdfunding campaigns. We want to help you increase your chance of success with your crowdfunding campaign. We know what it is like as an entrepreneur. You know you have a good idea, product or service, you know there is a need, you've got a team who can deliver, but where are you going to get the funds from to get it happen. And if you are female or a visible minority traditional funding is even more difficult. We want you to know, we are here for you, we want you to be successful and we thank you for working with us.

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